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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moderation is not always my strong suit.  Like so many, I tend to run all or nothing between work and home life. And lately with calls, finding myself unexpectedly as a patient in hospital and then back to the daily grind- it was a teetering act of complete non-balance. (The word curmudgeon comes to mind.)

Enter Liz Costigan and a retreat away to Monalea Barn.

One of my favourite things about Liz is her attitude towards wellness- completely forgiving, always open and never in any way laden with guilt about time spent away from her classes or schedule. Sentiments very much echoed with the gorgeous group of women that joined the retreat knowing Liz- non-runners that were suddenly doing 10k runs, those who hadn't tried yoga suddenly finding an encouraging environment to try.  Those annoying frustrations that clog the mind and heart suddenly find a place to exit in her classes.

We yogi-d, hiked, meditated, ate incredible food by Joanna Bourke (the most vegetables and greens I've had in a month which totally cancels out the take-aways, right?) and with torches in hand rose to meet the sunrise today.

A much needed reset button.  Already tempted to sign up for her next retreat in January.  Spreading light one human at a time that lady.  (Adore her mightily)
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And so concludes the largest iPhone drop on the blog.  So, so lovely to spend the weekend with these ladies.


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