Antoni Gaudí

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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There are few whose work resonates so deeply that it somehow brings out both childish whim and adult ambition but Gaudí seems to draw a remarkably fluid line between the two.  It held me in complete adoration during our time in Spain (not an understatement). I read prior to our arrival the Catalonian city of Barcelona described as being dotted by his works like gems to a necklace. It was a sweetly apt analogy.

His influences from nature, light, geometry and religion are abundantly clear in his creations and thanks to audio guides (nerdy fans of those brightly lined pockets of information!) through visits to Palau Güell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Park Güell we were able to understand its evolving themes more deeply.

From his way of creating ceramic mosaics from broken tile shards, emulating geometric shapes towards those in nature and then to his later labour of love, the Sagrada Familia - it was like turning pages or listening to your favourite story as we travelled from place to place. DSC_0035 DSC_0042 The Sagrada Familia, whose structure is so immense (and yet so intricate in its detail), forever famously under construction is one in which you enter and regardless of religion or belief, a sense of spirituality is truly palpable. The 'church of harmonious light' as he created it, with the juxtaposition of both coloured stained glass and tall branching columns creating darker shadows similar to trees in a forest- is both breathtaking and deeply humbling to bear witness to.

Effusive words I know.
DSC_0285 DSC_0280 DSC_0296 DSC_0300 DSC_0306 DSC_0312
Gaudí had insight that he would not live to see the temple's completion but knew rather, that it would 'be a work of the centuries'  and for some reason listening to that as we left our visit, surrounded by thousands of visitors, cranes and drills aplenty- it seemed like his greatest love letter to the city was like most love stories, a cherished work in progress. DSC_0315 DSC_0011
It was an introduction to a man whose architecture was a break from the mould that resulted in boundless inspiration for the world around him.  I was smitten by it all.

Nothing is invented, for it is written in nature first.  
-Antoni Gaudí 


  1. I love these photos! Especially the last one getting a rare glimpse of the wonderful photographer :) Yet more reasons to go to Barcelona, Im so enamoured!

    Emma x

    1. Oh Emma! You would love it! I absolutely hope you make it there and look forward to seeing all that you explore there too xx


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