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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Part of the reason that I love doing these posts is because it gives me a somewhat permanent space to read words from women I admire.  Kate, Nathalie and now Jennifer.

One of my dear friends described Jennifer as creating ' a force field of goodness around her' and I cannot think of a more suitable introduction.  She is not only the creator of a beautiful range of textiles (ones that I wish as wallpaper, bed linen and prints for a home) but a beautiful mother, wife, daughter and sister.  I spent a morning with her and Rita (girl crush central), subsequently had the probing questions reversed on me and a few hours later left with a beautiful pair of Irish wildflower napkins in hand.

All in all, confirming my suspicions that she really is one of the sweetest entrepreneurs out there.  I am so excited to share an interview of sorts, snapshots and a bit of her style and words here.
Describe yourself in three words.
Honest, committed, determined (my hubby answered that one)

I love that you decided to go back to NCAD after a degree in graphic design! What would you say to others in a similar boat or not quite sure how to take that leap of faith?
I never felt Graphic Design was really ‘me’, I didn’t love it. I gave out about my job a lot, mum got so fed up listening to me, one day she said she didn’t want to hear me complaining  again, that I should do something about it – why don’t you go back to college? It had never occurred to me to go back to study, I was 27 and thought that was way too old to go back to college (I was a baby!).  So that’s what I did. I applied to NCAD thinking I’d never get in but luckily I did and I enjoyed every minute. It was such a rich creative journey that I probably got more out of because I was that bit older. As much as I didn’t love graphic design at the time, I am glad that I studied and worked as a graphic designer as it has shaped how I work now and my business too. I would say to anyone who is thinking about changing career to follow their instinct and if at all possible – go for it!

DSC_0479 DSC_0463 DSC_0477 DSC_0465
What would people be surprised to know about you (in your day to day or otherwise)?
I’m shy (my mum’s answer!)

Favourite places for coffee or a quick bite in Smithfield/Stoneybatter?  Favourite place to escape to?
There’s so much to choose from!  I’m all about convenience these days so luckily some great spots have recently opened near the studio. Proper Order  for the best coffee (and the lads are lovely too), new fish shop takeaway is  super and just two doors from the studio, I also love long lingering evenings in Mulligans for their  extensive beer menu & great food too.  I’m not sure how I ever survived without Liliput! I could go on… DSC_0474 (1)
DSC_0492 (1) Who/what are you inspired by right now?
At the moment, days off are spent mostly outdoors with my 16 month old daughter. In so many ways having her has inspired me, her curiosity and joy at the tiniest things - the world is a fascinating place to her and I think being with her has fuelled my creativity.  Since having her, work-wise, I am more focused and lately I am grateful that I have so many ideas which I am making the most of as creative flow is not always like that!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
A very good friend, who sadly is no longer with us, used to say to me ‘You’re only human’ I love this  and try to remember her wise words when I am stressed and putting myself under ridiculous pressure as I have a tendency to do.
DSC_0484 DSC_0459
Fork and knives cutlery became quickly synonymous with your brand and now the wild flower print is doing just the same! What else have you up your sleeve?
This year I am working on a few new projects that have been in the pipeline for some time now. My ‘Irish Wildflower’ Irish linen has gone really well which is lovely after all the hard work. I am also working on gorgeous embroidered Irish Linen trays to compliment the range, they will be on my website from the end of June.

As a side project I am working with a furniture maker to create a range of embroidered footstools, available exclusively on my website & through my studio. Later this year I will launch a range of wool scarves which I am so excited about. My new online shop was launched in February this year and so far has superseded my expectations, my ambition is to continue to grow the webshop and hopefully see my business continue to thrive as a result. I am hoping that somewhere along the way I get much better at the mammy/work life balance!
A major squeeze and thank you to Jennifer for allowing me to share this here!

p.s. I had a peek at the linen trays and wool scarves (wish listed the scarf that I saw!) and they are so, so beautiful.  So looking forward to all that happens in her space in the future. 


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