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Monday, April 4, 2016

What are you working on these days, friends?  While there has been a lot that has happened earlier in the overall journey, these last few years for me have seemed more true and real than the lot.  Call it a late bloomer or later bloomer as I prefer ;) This article has some serious inspirational reminders that age really is just a number.

A few of the women in the article:

Julia Child, age 36 when she learned to cook.  40 when she became the 'French Chef'.
Kerry Washington, age 35 when she became Olivia Pope on the show Scandal (love. this. show).
Vera Wang, 40 when she became a designer.
Huma Abedin, 31 when became travelling chief-of-staff to Hilary Clinton.  Whom Hilary described has ''the energy of a woman in her 20s, the confidence of a woman in her 30s, the experience of a woman in her 40s, and the grace of a woman in her 50s…. I am lucky to have had her on my team for a decade now."

The epitome of a compliment, right? The full article is here (it's a good one!).


  1. A good reminder that while time doesn't stand still, we don't have to lay aside and let it run us over. If our heart beats, goals can still be achieved. Xo


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