Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On Christmas day, everyone gathered in the park to take family photos.  The photographer had cancelled earlier but we congregated anyways-Isabelle's babysitter and fiance offering 'official' photographer duties and nearly anyone who wanted to grab a free camera to take a memory did so (myself included).  It rained at one stage, the humidity challenging but it was the sort of environment where none of that sort of stuff mattered.  It was togetherness.  It was family.

As anyone who has lived away from 'home' knows, feeling connected to something bigger and rooted is both nurturing and necessary.  Sometimes hard and improbable at times but necessary.  My brother said when we were leaving that this Christmas was full of the warmth of family.  Such a massive thing for both of us.  It was time spent together.

Nurturing and necessary.
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Thank you Nina for being such a firm advocate for that.  I adore these people.


  1. Beautiful family memories, so glad you got to spend Christmas with your family Rincy! I always feel like It's so important to make the most of any family time because you never know when you can all get together again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

    Emma x


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