The anatomy of a winter garden party

Monday, January 18, 2016

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When Kate throws a Wildflour Bakery garden party prior to the Christmas holidays that involves a mix of savoury (Whipped St. Tola goats cheese, ash, espresso, nettle syrup) and sweet (spiced clementine, earl grey cake with ricotta) to name but two of the many, many offerings - you know it's going to be a treat. Loved getting to see the anatomy of this evening take place, how this lady creates such unique flavour profiles with food is a natural gift.


  1. Gah that looks amazing! What are the little bites with the pipettes in? Definitely putting Wildflour Bakery on my hit list next time I'm in Dublin. Beautiful pics, as always (long time reader :) )

    1. Aww! Jessica- thank you, so happy to have you reading for so long! They are Winter Citrus and Pomegranate Martini cakes. (super lovely!)


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