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Friday, December 18, 2015

This time of year is always a favourite. Yet truthfully at times with Christmas decorations in shops by early October and holiday ideas in November, the Christmas spirit can often feel watered down, diluted even by the time December arrives.  But then as it does, an unexpected afternoon or evening comes when the smell of cinnamon and spice sneaks out from the kitchen and suddenly, nostaliga hits and you're six years old again in your family home and it really is Christmas the way you know it to be.

(I adore when that moment happens).

In a few days we head back to spend time with my brother, sister-in-law and her beautiful family.  It will be a home full of little ones who can't help but take in the magic of the holidays with open arms. Little voices that somehow work in overdrive once the 24th arrives and that unmistakable giggle and clamour that is without a doubt my favourite part of our visits.

Not so secretly though, getting to take it all in with this little squish of a lady for her first Christmas? The best gift yet. picisto-20151215094838-377141 (1)

Beyond excited to be spreading the joy that noise brings with Marks & Spencer this holiday season. Tucking in tomorrow to sneak in a few more presents to keep under the tree for them. Adore anyone who supports that sort of cheer and merriment and this video is a lovely reminder that M&S is always in that corner.

Sponsored posts are somewhat new for me so the tagline of everything written above is of my own opinion goes without saying.  Thank you friends for allowing me to share it here with you.

p.s. A peek of the giggle, clamour and noise in our family that I miss terribly (adjust your volume!)


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