Gratitude notes in December

Monday, November 30, 2015

DSC_0318 (2) For the month of December (which officially begins in a few hours!), inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's happiness jars I've made a pact to take a small bit of time each day to write a little gratitude list. Nothing laboured or too grandiose-just one, two or three things written with pen to paper and kept for safe-keeping.

A little challenge to keep my end-of-year nerves/anxiety/stress/worry at bay.  I tried it today and even though the first thoughts were not exactly the most profound (a cup of tea. this bag of m&m's. joanne. the internet), the end result left me feeling a little lighter in thought and spirit.

So here we go, December.  Let's be enjoying you.

*image from when I had the immense honour of being a part of and capturing Emily's 30th.  Her most recent news tugs at every single heart string. Maya Catharine, you are already so loved.  I know this for sure.


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