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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DSC_0228 ''Your magazine life'' was what Adam said when I showed him this blog.  It made me laugh and cringe at the same time.  Laugh because I know that those that read this blog are friends who are (more often than not) on the ends of conversations where they've heard (as of late) my frustrations over losing my laptop to a hot cup of water spilt over the keyboard, the limbo period of waiting to find out if data could be restored, work, illness, project deadlines, another bout of illness, new relationships and the general weariness of being on some days.

Cringe because it is most definitely not a magazine life.  And also, because every now and again (and sometimes just when you need it), someone offers you what you need most- perspective.  (Note: one look at any newspaper will do that straight away)

Lately, my schedule has been varied.  Full on or undeniably slower paced.  I tend to function better in fast-paced and full; less overthinking and questioning, more quick, decisive action.  The slowness is something I want to work on.  Talking to friends, we are all working on something or other.  There is a natural ebb and flow to it: lost, found, lost, found.  But we're around to help each other through it. The gratitude for that sort of thing is constant.

I read this recently on Sam Shorey's page and it hit a chord: 

But what I really didn’t expect is that it would take a super human level of energy and tenacity just to get through the day. To do the tiny, life sustaining stuff. Like cooking dinner. Like making it to the post office in time to mail bills. 

And the trouble is … this work is invisible. We don’t ever see it. We don’t ever give ourselves credit for it. And we rarely applaud each other for it either. 

There is no bridal shower or promotion party or Pulitzer Prize for doing the laundry. 

It's true. So friends, this is me giving you credit for all the daily things you do that may go unnoticed. This is me applauding you.  

From a very not- magazine life.  (For the record)  

ps. This post by Laura Marie on letting go is also well worth the read.


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