Stuff you learn from girlfriends

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Something happens when you get into your late twenties/thirties- you start caring more about the right things.  Most of my favourite imparted wisdom comes from the girlfriends I'm surrounding myself with as of late.  All from different backgrounds, many whom have taken that road less taken, others who are so streamlined in their goals it's both enviable and inspiring.

Sharing stories of break-ups, failures, successes, joys and the he/she-did-WHAT conversations for good measure has become a welcome time during the week.  I've learned so much as a result, gained a new skill set (photos, tech, writing!) and after 31 years am finally starting to grow a long over-due, proper backbone.

Proof that all of the stuff  (both good and bad experiences) is leading to better.  Nothing is irrelevant.

One of my consultants printed out a copy of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost in a letter when I was just about to embark on this whole new creative world.  It was a moment that meant the world to me.

I suppose the bottom line is, in this time of online story-telling and tick box resumes, where you can check off requirements for what 'works' , it's easy to think you can pinpoint what type of person you should be.  But maybe there's more to it.  Maybe that person you're meant to be is found in that class you've been meaning to try, or with that person who isn't your type but surprises you ten-fold, that city break you can't quite afford.  You're older now.  You know stuff.  Reap the benefits.  Explore the possibility.

Filed under stuff you learn from your girlfriends.  'Love your tribe.  Love them hard.'

*Picture by the lovely Deborah Panes from a Kinfolk event in London last year.  Posted because most of my favourite memories with my girlfriends have always been around or prepping for a meal.   Except who takes pictures when you're doing that sort of thing on the daily? ;) 


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