Oysters in the city

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Seafood has not always been at the top of my list of dinner suggestions.  The first time I had an oyster  it was potent- the fluid jelly consistency, the overwhelming taste of seawater/brine, the after-taste, it was a  new and unaccustomed flavour admittedly to a very childish palate at the time.  Over the last year however, with the introduction of some pretty incredible spots in Dublin- I cannot get enough of the humble oyster.

On its own, with a mignonette (a sauce of shallots, vinegar , pepper) or fried, suddenly this world of sea is clicking with me.  Our most recent trip to the tiny space in Temple Bar that is Klaw basically made me want to find any excuse to go back every weekend.  Niall Sabongi of Rock Lobster fame created magic there and the taste of the Caesar ( a version of the Bloody Mary: a delicious concotion of clam broth, tomato juice and possibly a bit of alcohol) is just all sorts of perfection to accompany.

With this Indian summer weather we're having right now and the likes of the Cliff Townhouse and Fish Shop to add to the mix, oysters really are a lovely little guilty pleasure right now.


  1. OHHHH... Klaw sounds FAB. I'm going to have to check it out! Mourne seafood bar by the grand canal is pretty amazing too! xx

    1. It's a teeny place (12 seats only!) but so,so worth it! If you haven't tried Fish Shop or the Townhouse -- do those as well . Will definitely remember Mourne for when I'm around that area (Thank you!!) xx

  2. I am obsessed with Klaw. And I didn't even like seafood... until I gave that place a chance! The lobster rolls and crab BLT are tastebud orgasm inducing....!!!


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