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Monday, August 31, 2015

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Two ladies that are without a doubt my style crushes. I don't often talk about fashion here (mainly because I dress in staples- 'that 10% of your wardrobe 90% of the time' is very much my baseline) but I adore the transformative feeling it has and how it really can become an extension of a person's personality.

Truth is, there really is that je ne sais quality of a man/woman who knows how to dress well.

Things I've learned: Simple is better.  If the bigger size fits better, wear the bigger size. No one is looking at tags.  Wear one statement piece daily (it does not have to be extravagant). Yes, your best friend looks better in dresses/pants/jeans (a collective everything) but that does not mean you can't find something that works.  Invest in affordable staples.  Iron your clothes (ha!).  Tailoring goes a long way.  Try on clothes before you buy them (I am terrible at this).  Ask, observe, learn.

And of course when in doubt, Pinterest.


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