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Monday, March 23, 2015

DSC_0138 The last three months were spent juggling projects and working- most of it to get to spend the last ten days with wee Isabelle (my first niece!) and if you happened across my instagram feed during this time dear friends, it's pretty clear that this love story happened pretty quickly.  Around for her 6 week milestones, it was a collection of moments that will always hold sweetness for a time to come.  Years of advice from so many others come into my head when I think of all of the future milestones in store for her.

Hold true and dear the following : purpose, reason and self-esteem.  
Make respect your default position.  
Kindness is never over-rated.  
Always keep your eyes on your own paper.  
Take seriously the art of living.  
Create your own joy and a strong work ethic.
Love deep and true, in all its enormously joyous and weary ways.

My fortune cookie ways are endless.  I could not be happier that this little lady has a humorous father and a mother whose generosity knows no bounds.  And she may not know it just yet, but she is seen and her coo-ing voice is heard.  So excited to be her auntie and a witness to it all.

Isabelle Grace, you are already so loved. picisto-20150323112652-427277


  1. Rincy! I'm so happy to hear you have a brand new niece! isn't it wonderful?! She is such a gorgeous girl (love the name too). Isabelle is a lucky little girl to have you an her Aunt!

    Emma c

    1. Emma! It is BEYOND. And I know you have a new little in your life too!! Being an auntie is the best isn't it? :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment.


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