Saturday, January 10, 2015

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After last year's lull, 2015 is starting with such motivating vibes that I can only hope to use it for better. Getting out of the comfort of the rocking chair and picking up and moving forward.  I'm digging the thought of it.

On new year's eve,  I happened upon this article which spoke of 'professionals taking charge of their own learning plans'-not as scary or as complicated as it may seem (I promise!). The author goes on to discuss the 80/20 rule for learning: focusing 80% on your strengths and 20% on something new.  It was an informative, light read.

So I thought it might be fun every other week to share a small bit of 20% of something new here. The equivalent to the world of blogging's weekend links.

New definitely does not have to mean boring, sweet friends.

The learning plan article I'm referring to by Glenn Brooke
How to drink wine! 
Number four on Erin's non-goals hit straight to the heart for me.
I bookmarked this photography tip page as soon as Nathalie posted it.
The correct way to eat sushi, for sushi lovers like me.
A teenager's view of social media. Smart.
I heard this song in a colleague's car recently and adored it. A goodie sort of oldie.

ps. if you follow me on Instagram , I mentioned I would be postponing Paris trip posts here for a little while.  In light of all the recent heartbreak and sadness, I just can't quite bring myself to hit publish -my heart, thoughts and prayers are with that beautiful city.  


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