Wildflour Bakery

Friday, December 12, 2014

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Meet my Wildflour Bakery flashcards of sorts.  I have in the past bought many a birthday/celebration cake, the just-because treats, the I-need-a-Wildflour-sweet and most recently shared a spiced clementine, Toonsbridge ricotta with honey and rosemary cake at work with colleagues to bring in some holiday cheer.

I am very lucky to call Kate a dear friend, but boy this lady is seriously ruining every chance of me ever getting over my sweet tooth cravings.  This is the sort of sweets heaven I cannot help but want to share with everyone I know.  'Inspired, Irish, beautiful' - done, done and done.

Completely sold on all this bakery goodness.


  1. Nearly 6 months in Amsterdam, 6 months, and I'm still yet to taste a cake anywhere near as good as Kate's. Like, not even close. Seriously Kate and Rincy, move to Amsterdam, for me (and my sweet tooth) xx


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