Sunday, December 14, 2014

This time of year always seems to be a reflective one for me (maybe you too?).  I tend to get easily swept in the hustle of the holidays, the gatherings, the pace of work - then in the same breath, feel the weight of another year coming to an end.  Truthfully, I had no grand accomplishments this year.  I didn't travel every month as I did last year, my work hours were definitely less strenuous overall , I published more but not as much as I would have liked.  This blog took considerable, long, quiet pauses.  I think in so many ways it was an accurate reflection of all the ongoings of a very transformative two years.

More than anything, I became an observer.  I also became more acutely aware of my own voice.  For someone who for so long had been a people-pleaser (and still remains so), who regarded herself in the way others viewed her, it is a massive experience to discover your own desires without allowing others to interfere.

It has also been an incredible experience to find myself around people who nurtured that growth. Women who did not bat an eye when I spoke about my many misgivings and instead, challenged me to be better.  Men who constantly rise to the occasion of humour and logic in the day-to-day.  Children at work who will forever remind me about patience and love.

No, I did not have the most successful of years but I am reminding myself to be thankful for the quiet magnitude of its silence.  And to be honest, December has been a pretty mighty month.  I turn a year older soon and get to take a trip away to mark it all off.  Writing this I feel a lot more at peace with a year of pause,  I have a feeling it is going to lead to bright new adventures in the year to come.  Sometimes we all need that time to guide ourselves in the right direction.


  1. 2015 is all for you Rincy and I can't wait to see what you do, see, make of it xxx

  2. I think this was the year of small achievements adding up to a grand one, and I'm excited to see what you make of 2015! xx


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