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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Suffering from a bit of a tummy bug earlier this week was not fun.  Gaining my appetite and energy back after 72 hours however, was so very welcome.  Especially when it means getting back to spending time with those near and dear.

Now admittedly, this photo from yesterday's breakfast is not the most flattering photo of us.  Some or all of them will call me out for it too. Having said that, they know I adore the absolute bits off them and this post is about girlfriends.  A few of whom are in the above photo and many others whose images are in folders on my desktop, on my iPhone or not in my possession at all; truth is, it does not matter.  They are without a doubt, where they are most cherished- ever so present in real life.

I never quite understood the power of friendships as much as I do now.  The women in my life are my sisters, my advice-columnists, teachers, dance partners and my forever cheerleaders.  Some of them can read me like an open book and others just know how to draw me out when I'm hiding. If you've been in my company, you know how much I value my friendships (both male and female alike) but with my girlfriends, that bond has turned into one of my most cherished.

Grateful this holiday season to be surrounded by some of the best I've ever known.


  1. Thank you for this my darling friend, you are one super beautiful soul. Love you...xxx


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