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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dublin can often feel like an old, cherished friend- full of memories, ups and downs and experiences that somehow turn into the greatest of stories or (embarrassingly) the cringe-worthy sort that still deserve to be told. I fell in love in this city, did cartwheels on the Ha'penny bridge at midnight for no good reason, discovered I prefer the taste of cider to beer and learned that there is nothing better than fresh air and sea to give clarity to the toughest of situations.

I've never done a collaboration post before, (insert the usual tag lines that arise from that sort of sponsored thing) but this one sharing my view of all that this city has to offer with these guys just feels right, in good time and being that friend who is always trying to create beautiful and inspiring for those around her - it seems fitting to finally share it here too.

This is my current little see, hear, do and eat cheat sheet of sorts.picisto-20130714173541-568954 DSC_0585
See: I am a walker.  I adore the fresh air for any bit of day and even if it is just the long way into the city- I do it. Thankfully, places like Glendalough, Howth, Dun Laoghaire and the cliff walk from Bray to Greystones make it a worthwhile camera-happy experience.  When that just doesn't do, road trips are the next best thing.  Our friends took the most envious of ones not too long ago and I am now convinced that rain or shine, this wee island somehow always delivers in full.DSC00094 (1) DSC00202 (1) DSC00233 (1) DSC00241 (1)
Eat:  This list is constantly changing. And just when I think it couldn't get any better on the food scene, it does.  My waistline is obviously so pleased, as are my sweet friends who I am constantly urging to join me in these ventures.  A few on my love list at the moment. For brunch: Sister Sadie and San Lorenzos.  For the not-your-regular-pub-experience-which-will-quickly-become-your-regular: L. Mulligan Grocer.  For the win: Forest Avenue (book well in advance!) For wine, the quality of produce and your splurge grocery: Fallon & ByrneDSC_0170 DSC_1023Experience:  Pop-ups are a thing.  I adore that lately, it has been expanding into anything that could possibly take your fancy in Dublin.  Wreath-making, gigs, cooking, shopping, dining, movies, inspirational talks.  For a different meal experience: Living Dinners, Dublin pop-up, News of the Curd, French Foodie.  For music and cinema: Sugar Club, Homebeats.  For inspirational: Image Networking Breakfasts, Lovin' Dublin events.  For the memories: a bike ride in Phoenix park, a pint at Neary's and a guide through Trinity College.  And of course, for something-different-you-wouldn't-necessarily-try-had-you-not-known, refer to: Le Cool guides. DSC_0005 photo (3) picisto-20130619064921-781672 DSC_0162
Any single combination of the above see + eat + experience blurbs has been included in that familiar enthusiastic email I send to friends and family coming round on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  And while there are still always good and bad days- even after all these years, those bright coloured doors of the city still charm me plenty.

(A sweet thank you to Judit for allowing me to edit and share the 'see' photos)


  1. I didn't think I could fall more desperately in love with Ireland but I think I just did! It seems like I've been dreaming of finding an interior design job there for forever, what an inspired place!
    You're a lucky girl :)

  2. I've said this on instagram and I'll say it again - this is such a cool and useful post, i will be forwarding it onto all the visitors. we get so many people asking and this is just so handy. thank you.!
    PS. i had no idea you went to a pasta making course.? good woman yourself! :) love ya xx


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