Sunday, November 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 19.34.14 October has been a full month and I'm happy that it has come to a close on that note.  For a long while this year (similar to so many others) blogging often felt laborious at times- especially when the day-to-day was a jumble of so many adult conundrums.  But lately, there's been a huge surge of creative joy to write, to share, to do, both here and otherwise.

This morning, I woke struggling with the idea of success. I'm not sure why but as of late I've been more open in talking about my feelings towards career choices, future endeavours and a massive shift in gears with it all.  Earlier this week hearing Mary Moloney mention 'there are often patterns and phases in careers: the high achieving/go getter phase, the reflection period and then finally one of change and fulfilment' was that little note from the universe I needed to hear.

It made this internal conversation I had been having with myself seem much more understandable.  In all honesty, (like everyone on the planet) I have had so many disappointments, failures, struggles (I cried this morning) but I have also had so many small successes, happiness and joys that I often ignore during hard times.  Truth is, it is so much easier to share sob stories than boast about the good ones to friends and others.

So with that said and a very tired heart, I am going to start brushing off this hard self and work on celebrating and being grateful for the joys, no matter how small they may be.

Here we go, November.  Let's make it beautiful.


  1. love you Rincy... always remember we are with you on this

    1. Love you to the moon Joi. I know that x

  2. So very true. I often catch myself trying to marinate in melancholy but once you can push away from all that heaviness, it's a whole lot more sunny in the world.
    —Luck and love!

    1. Aw, Sabbie- you are so good. Thank you! Re-reading this post and realising it does sound rather melancholy but I promise it is actually a lot lighter now ;)


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