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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Siobhan Lam is the jam.  Discovering new, inspiring ladies doing incredible things these days is the best sort of mojo for me. This lady is no exception- she's bright, has her own unique taste and her uncanny ability to make that into the next 'why is this not in my home already' purchase is pretty incredible.  She's fresh, authentic and just so darn cute- it's hard not to girl crush.  Yesterday, she opened up her home to the sweetest little festive shopping experience. I dare you to find an attendee there who did not want to buy everything in that space.

And because, I am always a curious creature- a little mad lib of sorts follows with a peek of the bear bash that was. DSC_0407
Describe yourself in three words: Passionate, loyal, worrier. DSC_0409
Best thing about having your own business: The freedom to follow your instincts.
Worst thing about having your own business: The inability to ever switch off, it's a 24/7 occupation.  DSC_0401
Things I know now that I didn’t last year: If you want something enough and work hard enough, it will come.

Things that get your creative mojo moving: I'm a very visually inspired person so adore blogs with beautiful photography like this one, the sartorialist and thisisnthappiness. Music wise, Little Green Cars are amazing - every tune is so atmospheric and they're Irish! I'm also terribly inspired by passionate business women that are doing it for themselves like Jennie of Opsh, Jen of Moss Cottage and my biggest inspiration my incredible Mum. 
Favorite place(s) in Dublin right now: Dillingers in Ranelagh for the BEST brunch in the city and Bernard Shaw for the liveliest and most delish coffee. DSC_0394
All I want for christmas is: A busy shop and some downtime with my lovely family.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: When I was learning to drive I was extremely nervous and wanted to throw in the towel almost immediately but my Mum told me to look out of the car and at the other people driving. She said if those people can do it so can I. Simple but effective. I've tried to apply this to every facet of my life. DSC_0417
Not so secretly, I am unbearably excited for all the the things this little lady is going to dream up.


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