Sunday, October 26, 2014

I have an awful tendency of beginning conversations as if I'm already in the middle of them.  Most of my phone calls to close friends are a perpetual cycle of this but thankfully, most of them are well used to this- even when I lead with the randomest of queries i.e..''do you have a power drill I can borrow?'' (ahem, Alex).

Today, I caught up with sweet Joi. A lady who is so emotive and joyous when she hears your voice, it feels like you're ringing family (which I am). A few months ago when I was going through a rough period, she wrote an email which I have bookmarked and printed. A portion of it reads ''Know that honour, love, grace and joy are surrounding you like a shield, always. No rejection nor disappointment can take away your beauty and loveliness. You are made for more. ''

You are made for more.  Simple, powerful, effective.  It now is serving as a mantra of sorts on a little project I am working on in the upcoming month.

Truth: girlfriends really are the best sort of friends.


  1. You have amazing friends Rincy. Keep them close :)

    1. I know this all too well Magda. So very grateful.

  2. You are one special little bird!


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