Sunday, September 14, 2014

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It's the middle of September and for a year that started off so incredibly slow, it surely has picked up speed in mysterious ways.  Most of the last few months have been lived off this blog and for the most part- it has been a very good thing. In other ways, I miss that my days off are no longer with camera in hand on wayward walking trails or the conversations and meetings that have come as a result of a post that connected with you here.

I read somewhere recently what a privilege it is to have/take the time to learn and become the person you truly are meant to be- and for that privilege over the last two years, I am beyond grateful.

I've learnt that no matter how much I try to change it, I will always be slightly Disney in personality. I fidget relentlessly when I cannot sleep.  To this day the only song lyrics I know fully are Nelly's "it's getting hot in here" (cringe, I know).  I am much more picky about who I spend time with and my people-pleasing tendencies are becoming much less of a habit.  If you are a friend, you are family.   I love with all of me.  My penchant for craving Fallon & Byrne's hummus lately is worrying.  I am the most silently determined, wanderlust-filled woman and being kind and of good service to others is paramount to all that I hope for in the years to come.

Also, I have been awful at updating as of late and so this is me stopping in to say hello and bid you well. I really do adore having you here.


  1. Don't ever change ! your perfect the way you are! x

    1. Thank you lovely!! Always a work in progress :)

  2. I hear you, lady! Much love, Sarah xx

  3. Mad love back at you Sarah. I cannot wait when our worlds collide xx

  4. i sneak into here every now n then :) love your updates rincy .. miss you x Shwan


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