The Big City

Monday, May 19, 2014

London is blissfully inspiring. These past few weeks have been a checklist of things to do, accomplish, start, finish, (not finish) and as delightful as it is to place beautiful on this blog there is always so much more truth and 'real' to tell behind these images. Thankfully in the midst of it all, there is still space and opportunities to grow and I have been taking them all with a very hopeful heart.  Every time I come to London , I feel more drawn to it. It can be too much all at once and not for everyone but last week it was everything right.

I stayed with sweet Judit and shared a home with a diverse group of flatmates who all came to the big city with different stories and dreams.  I finished part of an academic goal. I met with Ariana and was introduced to Spuntino - a place whose website describes it as '27 bar stools and a popcorn machine'. I spent time with beautiful Joy whose spirit is so very true to her namesake. And perhaps most fondly, got to share a table and join a team of kindreds to celebrate L'esprit de la Mer for Kinfolk. On the flight home, it was full of quiet gratefulness for it all.
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London, I'm coming back for you.


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    1. lol, Shoko you are just lovely (very much as usual too) Thank you babe xx


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