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Thursday, April 17, 2014

DSC_0300 (1) There's a funny thing that happens when you hit your late twenties into your thirties, you stop doubting and you start doing. And if you're lucky enough you find yourself around some incredibly phenomenal people who are doing the same. Dreams, ideas, plans, goals all find a circular rhythm and movement forward is inevitable.

Some of you may know that the last few months for me were so wickedly hard on my soul that I did nothing but keep going. I found projects to inspire me and those phenomenal friends rallied around in support.

So this is to you dear reader, wherever life may find you in this particular moment in time, let's raise a toast--one to grief and one to infinite bravery.*  Let's dream big together.

(*from the movie Hanging Up)


  1. this is just perfect for where I am in my life right now. Thanks for the words Rincy. Let's most definitely dream big together!

    Emma x

    1. Oh Emma, I'm so glad. I always feel a bit like a soppy ol' muppet writing these posts but they are very much how I feel at the time (like today). I'm so happy it found you today! I'm all about dreaming big together xx


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