Claire Ryan

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Claire is the phenomenal force behind Informal Florist. She is warm, down-to-earth and there have been many occasions where I've walked away feeling like her open-ness towards life and its many conversation starters utterly refreshing. So needless to say, when she asked me to join her in capturing some behind-the-scenes type wedding prep memories in Belfast I was all for it. Greenery, florals and a chance to become a floral apprentice? A hundred times, yes. DSC_0031
And because, as of late I've been fascinated by simple curiosities of people I adore , I am including a little mad lib of sorts with sweet Claire. DSC_0048
Describe yourself in three words: Soft. Social. Occasional catastrophic thinker. DSC_0079
Biggest fear: Not seeing my kids grow up. DSC_0101 picisto-20140429163732-478940
Proudest moment: Profesionally, getting the keys to my studio. DSC_0152 (2)
Best advice: Don't leave any dogs tied. DSC_0161 DSC_0021
When it comes to florals: I want them all.


  1. A day spent with flowers sounds like heaven to me! Lovely!

    1. It was a gorgeous day Jess! Can't wait til you're in Dublin to get in the mix of it all :)

  2. Wow how fab!.Such beautiful selection of flowers. Claire have such a natural talent and is so modest about how wonderful she is. But she is a gem .

    1. Completely agree! She's incredibly talented and an absolutely fabulous woman to top it all off. Can't beat that sort of combo :)


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