Thursday, November 28, 2013

DSC_0118 There is a plant that sits in every south Indian home, typically in the kitchen, whose vines are meant to grow throughout its surroundings. I've heard it called various names throughout the years but its importance lay in the length of its vines- a mention to the amount of luck or good fortune brought to one's home. I remember searching for it when we visited friends, marveling at its length in some or wondering about its non-appearance in others.

As I've gotten older, I know that no such plant likens one to more or less luck or good fortune. But I am still drawn to vines, now very much a symbol to me of growth and simplicity.

As Thanksgiving is here, I cannot help but be grateful for that reminder during the holiday season and into the new year. To growth and simplicity, friends.

Happiest thanksgiving to you. May your vines in whatever shape or form continue to lengthen in the near and distant future. And, thank you always for being a part of my little journey here.


  1. Love and enjoy reading your post.
    You inspired me :)


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