Szechneyi Thermal Baths

Thursday, August 1, 2013

DSC_0216 (1)
The day we visited Szechneyi it was hot, sticky and just one of those days where it was questioned whether or not the experience would be as rewarding as it is in the winter months. Turns out, hot weather and a thermal bath are still a good pair. Housed in a gorgeous neo-baroque style mansion the largest thermal bath in Hungary is just one of those places that pictures do no justice.
DSC_0213 (1) DSC_0211 (2)
Taking a nap in the shade, waking to step in to the steaming heat of the saunas inside and very lazily attempting to swim a lap in the pool- it's the kind of vacation visit I wish to come back to on repeat.

Thermal baths, I'm so into it.


  1. Cool pics Rincy, looks super relaxing. I could do with a trip there RIGHT NOW! x

    1. I've just come back and I feel the exact same way babe! Let's go! xx


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