Ballyvolane House

Monday, June 17, 2013

I spent Saturday in the Cork countryside after being invited to assist on a wedding with the lovely Christina Brosnan.  She is fluid and stealthy in the most incredible way with a camera-- I effectively saw this one lady see, do and be it all. And within 30 minutes of exploring the grounds of Ballyvolane House, my silly talks of eloping on our drive up were completely set aside.
The sheer luxury of places like this always tend to make me feel out of place but every person on staff that weekend was so kind and welcoming, I couldn't help but fall even more for this place. DSC_0421 DSC_0392 picisto-20130617082804-363053 DSC_0405 (1) DSC_0487 DSC_0488
Between the long picture-framed halls, purple and green floral backdrops, hand-made signs and vintage flatware, it is the perfect combination of the comfort of a home and bliss of a wedding in one venue. I am entirely smitten.

And absolutely cannot wait to see Christina's images from the day.


  1. Sometimes I wish I could get married again (to the same man, mind you - I'm not looking to trade in my husband!) just so I could have my wedding at Ballyvolane. So beautiful.

    1. Aww Kristin- I know the feeling! :) I had my wedding planned with all the trimmings within 30 minutes of walking on those grounds. It is just perfection.

  2. your pictures are so dreamy <3 i have to make a mental note of this place in case i mellow with age and want to get married :D xmoira

    1. Lol, Moira- I was literally talking about eloping to Christina on the car ride up. One visit here will change your mind. Trust this ;)


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