Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DSC_0393-1 (1) I'm on night shift this week. I wake up when people are leaving work, and I am seriously the first person cheering when I see the first hint of sun in the mornings.

I am already looking forward to the weekend and spending it with this little lady. DSC_0394-1 (1) DSC_0397-1 (1) DSC_0399-1 (1)
Is it Friday yet?


  1. I hated the night shift when I was an ICU nurse. It was so hard to walk home in the bright light of morning... and to wake up in the gloom of the setting sun! But the good thing is that night shift is not normal for most of us, and most of us work our way out of it eventually.

    Until we have kids. :-) And even then... it's a phase!


    1. Ah Becca! So glad I have a fellow comrade in the feelings of night shifts. I cannot wait to be done with this phase! ;)


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